We fully understand how challenging the vast landscape of social media can be for organisations, and through our work we help to clarify all of this by carefully developing Social Media Strategies and Plans with a clear focus that will successfully achieve your objectives and reach your target audiences.

Through a careful process that we devise with you a Social Media Strategy that will clearly outline your overall objectives, target audiences and precisely identify, which are the appropriate social media channels for your organisation and how these should be used.

At LEAD GENERATION GLOBAL we have been providing Social Media services for many years for client as well as delivering training courses for various Local Enterprise Offices.

We can develop your Social Media Strategy with you and your team by facilitating a Social Media Workshop which using our Strategy Framework will:

  • Define your Objectives
  • Identify Target Audiences
  • Clarify Key Messages
  • Identify the Priority Social Media Platforms
  • Create a Content Plan for each
  • Allocate Roles and Responsibilities
  • Identify Training Needs

Once the workshop is completed you can use the completed framework to finalise your Social Media Strategy or we can complete this for you.

Note: We deliver Social Media Workshops both In Person and Online via Zoom.

If you wish to develop a clear Social Media Strategy for your organisation please contact us.